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Bean stew with capers and brown rice

bean stew1

Friday is just a step away, you guys! How amazing is that? I am sure that after the whole week of cooking you don´t really want to spend more than a half an hour in the kitchen. That´s understandable and perfectly fine because this recipe will suit your needs!

bean stew 2

I have already published this recipe here before, but, this time, I added capers to the pot. You might think that those small green things would not bring any significant change to the dish but that could not be further from the truth! Dried tomatoes can be quite sweet so the saltiness of the capers balances the tastes of the meal nicely.

Want to hear some more good news? Okay! Beans + rice = complete protein (and old fact, but I like to repeat it regularly so that we don´t forget it). This meal is a proof that you can make a nice and nutrient-rich food even with a few ingredients. Totally whole food, totally healthy and totally easy  – you just put everything in a pan and warm it up. Beginner cooks, just try it at home and your family will thank you!

Enjoy your delicious meal!

bean stew 2

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3 thoughts on “Bean stew with capers and brown rice

    1. To be honest, I loved to eat them with my omelette back in the days I was still a meat-eater (I learned this combination in Tunisia). Now I like to add them to salads because of their saltiness but I plan to incorporate them in more recipes 🙂

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