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What amazing work outs am I doing this week?

Phew, last weeks were pretty draining. I had a lot of decisions to make and many things to think of which resulted in a lot of stress. Even though my head wanted to train and exercise and run, and just be in the  game, my body did not. My lungs started to hurt again which was the final warning for me to slow down and relax more. So that was what I did (even though I did not want to). I took it lightly and waited patiently for better days to come. And they finally did!


I still continue with my morning yoga sessions (now at 6.20 am). This week, I have been trying out a new yoga instructor on Her name is Brionhy and she presents a program called 14 days body yoga challenge. I am still just getting to know her and the program but I like it so far.



I also decided to give a shot to Blogilates. I am sure that I don´t have to introduce this lady to most of you. I was a little bit skeptic about this one but I tried her short work -outs for inner thighs and butt and boy, did it hurt! So I plan to stick with it for at least a month to find out whether there will be any visible change.


I read a lot of reviews for these videos before even considering this type of exercise and I found one really weird one stating the name of the program as the con. It went something like this: “Just imagine your friends ask you what activity you do and you have to say the name out loud. Blogilates. You will have to say it.” I don´t know, it seems kinda lame and childish to me to think about such a silly thing. Sure, the name of your product or service is important but for heavens´sake.. everyone knows Blogilates. I could find at least 10 reasons why not to do this program. None of them is anywhere close to the problem with the name. And they are all pretty irrelevant from stopping me trying it.

This is the video I tried first and I really liked it. Short, yet dynamic and challenging. Get ready for some sore muscles!


I have been also continuing with my every-day evening yoga sessions for splits. It is just a routine now and I don´t even think about it. I am looking for the day when I will finally do my first split (which is very, very far away!).

I am really happy to be back on the track with an active lifestyle. I am always more aware of what I eat if I work out on a regular basis. I am attending a wedding in 3 weeks so a slightly better figure would be appreciated! 🙂

What are your favourite work outs and how often do you practice them? Let me know in the comments below!

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