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Exciting vegan side dish ideas!

side dish3

Hello, everyone!

Viva la Friday! I don´t know how about you, but my weekday meals usually consist of pretty boring side dishes – always the same good old things. Think brown rice, roasted potatoes or bulgur on repeat. Which is not a bad thing – all these ingredients are very healthy and rich in nutrients – it is just that sometimes, our bodies crave for a slight change (at least mine does).

That´s why I was thinking about making something that would be easy, would not require any special ingredients but would bring a wind of change into my meals.

If you remember, I have already tried to cook a new side dish before.

I have to say that my boyfriend is the boss when it comes to side dishes and he came up with these two simple ideas. And I am glad he did because boy, were they good!

The first idea was to use potatoes but to cook them in a different way than we usually do. So we cut the small potatoes in halves (with the skin on – just make sure to wash them properly before cutting them) and cooked them in a boiling water until they were soft. Then we transferred them to a pan in which we had heated oil and sautéed the potatoes until they turned golden brown.

side dish

It is amazing how these little steps can alter the flavours of the potatoes. They were crispy on the outside but soft inside. Simply yummy!

The other side dish we made was consisting mainly of champignons. We had some lef-over mushrooms so Adam suggested we put them in a marinade and that was what we did! We put together oil, 3 cloves of garlic (minced) and 2 tablespoons of mustard and we let the champignons be in it overnight (I believe a couple of hours would be more than fine).

side dish2

We cooked the mushrooms in a splash of oil and the whole kitchen smelled wonderfully thanks to it! The flavours of garlic and mustard combined really nicely and complemented the mushrooms in the right way!

And this is the result. We put the two side dishes together and added grilled tofu and some curry hummus. We also sprinkled parsley and fresh basil on top. The meal was delicious and the side dishes tasted fantastic! It definitely was a party of flavours 🙂

side dish5

Bon appetit!

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