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Poppy Seed Milk

Lately, I have been experimenting with various types of plant-based milk. Truth to be told, I am no longer a huge fan of the vegan milk I can buy in the store in a box. Even though it tastes good and it is very convenient when I don´t have time to make my own milk at home, I don´t like how sweet all those kinds of milk are and I definitely don´t like the unnecessary ingredients added to them.

PoppySeed milk main

I´ve loved poppy seeds all my life and noticed that my body craves them much more when I am low on iron so I wanted to try this kind of milk. It was a good decision to make because the poppy seed milk has a pleasant, slightly sweet taste which I really like.

Poppy seeds are extremely high in calcium and magnesium so poppy seed milk is perfect for anyone who fights inflammation in their bodies or joint pains. Poppy seed is also a natural opiate so it is advised to drink a glass of poppy seed milk before sleep if you suffer from insomnia. Or offer a glass to your children if you feel like they have been way too active and let me know whether it had any effect on them 😉

poppy seed milk 1

Many people think that making a plant milk at home takes a lot of time and effort but it could not be further from the truth. If we don´t count the time for soaking, making your own milk is quite an easy task.

I have tried to make my own almond and soy milk. Soy milk has loads of protein but I don´t like the odd smell of it. I decided to make poppy seed milk this time. Poppy seed is rich in calcium and definitely smells better than soy (in my opinion) so I thought I would give it a shot. One great advantage of poppy seed milk is that you don´t have to change the water in which you soaked the seeds unlike with nuts or soy.

poppy seed milk 2

The ratio of poppy seeds and water can vary depending on how creamy you want the milk to be. I went for the 1:5 ratio this time and the milk was more on the liquid side.


1 cup poppy seeds
5 cups water


  1. Let the poppy seeds soak in the water overnight. With time, you will have a fatty layer on top and seeds on the bottom.
  2. In the morning, put everything into a blender. Don´t change the water because there are important oils and nutrients from the poppy seeds there.
  3. Blend on high rotations for 1 – 3 minutes until most of the poppy seeds are broken.
  4. Pour the milk through a small sifter.
  5. You´ll get white milk and black pulp.
  6. Store the milk in an air-tight container. It will last up to 4 days.

poppy seed milk 3

I told you it was easy! As with soy pulp, most people throw the poppy seed pulp away. I like to keep it and make something healthy out of it. I either use it to sprinkle fruit dumplings with it, bake a delicious poppy seed cake, or I make nutritious poppy seed ball snacks out of it. And rejoice because I will bring the recipe for the poppyseed cake next time 🙂

Stay gold, my friends!

Suzie x



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