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Vegan Pita – 3 Amazing Lunch Variations

Pita is an Arabic flatbread baked from wheat flour and water which is popular not only in Arabic countries but in the whole world. It is empty in the middle which makes it a perfect meal option for all the messy eaters because, unlike with burritos, the food does not spill in all directions with every single bite. No. The food stays right in the pita and your shirt stays clean. I love pitas for that.

Falafel Pita 1

Most people know pita thanks to kebap but pita bread can be filled with many things and you can never go wrong when it comes to the filling. I like to stuff it with fresh veggies and some protein to it to create a perfect, wholesome lunch that would energize my body for the afternoon work.

Here are my three favourite combinations to put into the pita. They all can be eaten cold (perfect for people who don´t have access to a microwave oven) or two of them can be easily reheated.

#1 Falafel with fresh vegetables

Falafel Pita 2

Chickpeas are full of protein and when combined with fresh veggies, they create a mighty combo 🙂 This option is very light, tasty and full of nutrients. Feel free to add vegan mayo for extra flavour. Many stores offer frozen falafel that you just need to put into an oven or warm up in a pan which is great for busy people or when you don´t feel like cooking. I like to cook my own falafel because that way I know what is in it and I also like that I can season it to my likings 🙂

#2 Avocado & Tomatoes

Tomatoes and avocados are such a classic combo that everyone loves but guacamole is not the only thing they are perfect for.

avocado pita 1

Not all the pitas must have at least 5 different things in them to be interesting. Sometimes, simple things taste the best. Avocado is delicious on its own anyway and turns the dry bread into a flavourful heaven. Tomatoes bring freshness to the meal and I love to chop a sun-dried tomato or two and top the pita with it for an extra flavour. I also threw in black sesame seeds because they are rich in calcium and magnesium.

avocado pita 2

Warming up this pita is not a good idea so it is a great option for people who don´t have possibility of reheating their lunch at work or for students.

#3 Tofu and beans

This variation is more filling than the other two thanks to the tofu and beans in it. I like to sautée the tofu in a splash of oil and a half of a medium yellow onion. I add whatever spices I want. Once the tofu is golden brown, I add red kidney beans and let them get warm.

Tofu Pita

Then I fill the pita bread with fresh salad and veggies and top it all with tofu mixture.

I like to eat this variation warm so if I take it to work with me, I take the tofu mix in a separate lunch box so that I can reheat it when it is time to eat. But it is equally good cold so it is up to your preferences 🙂

If you are having one of those busy evenings when you don´t have time to cook but you still want to have a healthy lunch, pita is a great way to ensure that you will have a tasty meal that will provide your body with all the essential nutrients.

I hope these ideas inspired you and if you create your own pita combo, I would be happy to hear about it 🙂

And if you would like to find even more inspiration on healthy plant-based meals you can find them on my FB page where I share (not only mine) delicious recipes and interesting articles about vegan lifestyle!

Stay happy, my friends!

Suzie x


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